Entry #1

Still new so hello ;D

2015-12-12 02:01:30 by GolzyBlazey

I just made this account because someone reccomended me use this. This site looks fun to explore.


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2015-12-12 16:01:14

Well, it 'is' pretty fun.
Welcome to Newgrounds, GolzyBlazey! Enjoy your stay. :)


2015-12-13 18:05:54

no way are you 15 yrs old.

a 15-17 yr old studying animation? sure. this quality? nuh-uh.

plus the effects?! naw. I don't believe it. im 19 yrs old and I can hardly do what you did

GolzyBlazey responds:

I started animating when i was 11-12 on youtube. I got letters from art school that i got chosen to be their student, I learn their drawing tips from basic to expert. (more to hand-drawing). But, my school doesn't start the animation syllabus until I'm 11th in high school. So I try studying animation by only experiment.
btw, my art school syllabus is diploma level, so, that's mean in the future I will not be studying basic animation theories in university. Just telling.


2015-12-13 19:23:19

ugh im so jealous.

wish I had as much time to animate/draw as you do


2015-12-21 14:15:46

Hello :)
I hope you have fun here in NewGrounds.
And im not a robot greeting unit from block 67-BU
Have fun and Enjoy!!


2015-12-26 15:35:38

welcome to this site ^^ Im also new x'D


2016-02-20 01:41:41

I found this site back in late 99, joined in 2000